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just came back from a trip to Victoria...
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just came back from a trip to Victoria...
... and I flew the camera ship for a change. Here are a couple from the trip. They are probably slightly over-processed, but I blame Instagram and am too lazy to rework them just for you lot. Use your imagination of just how good they'd look if I did! Icon_mrgreen

Portland harbour, Portland VIC:
[Image: p2239523281.jpg]

Cape Nelson Lighthouse, Portland VIC:
[Image: p2239523280.jpg]

I wish I had the funds to buy a drone that could fly a larger-sensor camera! The small sensor in the Phantom is really showing its shortcomings in these high contrast situations. Icon_sad

P.S. The Phantom is not the only thing that I flew on this trip! Icon_cheesygrin


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14-Mar-2017 11:36
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RE: just came back from a trip to Victoria...

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15-Mar-2017 04:29
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