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I'm sure you've all been waiting
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Imagining My Jewels

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I'm sure you've all been waiting
Waiting for my first selfie with the Fuji gear.
16-55 (at 55mm)
Elinchrom gridded Fireball with bounced flash for fill
This is SOOC except for WB, custom profile and -.25 exposure.

[img][Image: 17911849048_17d36d4172_z.jpg][/img]

Mankins are lumps of cold, dead plastic. But that doesn't mean they don't turn me on.
With friends like these, who needs mankins? I do, that's who.
I love pinging my junk with a rubber band. Dr Snip taught me how.
I lead an underworld cult of mankin people.

25-May-2015 23:11
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