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sad but beautiful image
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sad but beautiful image
I'm not sure if this link will open to the NY Times, but give it a try to check out the article. There was another article about Ken Stabler and the issues with head trauma he had towards the end of his life

[Image: 05PLAYDAWSON2-master1050.jpg]

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06-Feb-2016 23:11
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RE: sad but beautiful image
Yeah, excellent.

07-Feb-2016 00:20
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RE: sad but beautiful image
The framing off
But I guess i can live with that

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07-Feb-2016 00:22
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RE: sad but beautiful image
Aesthetic considerations aside (I agree, framing is off), the photo does tell a sad story. I have no idea who Willie Wood is but Google helped me out:

[Image: Willie-Wood-1963-Topps-95-Rookie-Card-Gr...419293.jpg]

Tragic decline from the glory days to be sure.

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07-Feb-2016 01:27
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RE: sad but beautiful image
(07-Feb-2016 01:27)Tetrode wrote:  I have no idea who Willie Wood is but Google helped me out:


07-Feb-2016 22:54
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